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How Your Club Can Be Effective in 2017

By: National TARS

2017 is finally here.  After such an epic Election Season, the United States is about to make strides in the right direction. America elected a Republican Congress and President, and now is the time that we step into a new season that will benefit the country in ways that were hindered by the Obama Administration.

This is the perfect time to show your community the great things that the GOP can do.

Now that the Election Season is over, it’s easy to neglect the goals your club campaigned so well for.  Remember them.  Plan events that specifically highlight your goals.  What were your goals?  Help elect Republican leaders.  Why?  Because the core GOP principles will benefit our country.


That’s where you come in.

To kick this year off right, it is key to plan effective club programs and activities.  Create a blend of community service and fun activities to keep your members engaged and interested.  Plan an agenda that keeps every meeting worthwhile and fun.  If your club meets twice monthly, you will only have about 10 more meetings this school year!

Plan at least one function a month.  This should be a minimum, but don’t try to take on more than you can do well.  One project done well will do far better for your club than three projects done poorly.  Basically, don’t spread yourself too thin.

Vary the programs.  Each of the club’s members has different talents and interests, and each expects to gain something different from being part of TARS.  Try to have something for everybody.

Plan events up to the end of the school year.  That way you will have ample time to prepare and be organized.  Plus, there will be lots of time to advertise the events.  A lot of TAR Clubs have seniors in officer positions; plan next year’s club elections before their graduation activities begin!  This will bring continuity into the next school year and allow the new officers to prepare for summer activities.

This is the time to contact your newly elected GOP officials to ask what ways youth can help.  Shortly after the election, then Congressman-elect Brian Mast was invited to the Jensen Beach HS TARS as a guest speaker.  He is a former veteran and is dedicated to serving in Congress as well as he did on the battlefield.  Now that’s a good event.

Finally, one of the great aspects of TAR Clubs is that Conservative teens get to connect with others who share their beliefs.  You can make life-long friends through TARS, and you never know what kind of influential leaders who will end up in your network!  This can happen when you keep people engaged in your mission.  Keep your club active this year.

We won the election. Now what are we going to do about it?

More tips and ideas can be found in the Club Program Planning Manual.  Contact us to request a copy!

Picture: Gahanna Lincoln HS TARS in Ohio with Joseph Gergley.

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