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New Jersey GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Visits Club

Captain America—a.k.a Steve Rogers—recently visited the Bergen County TARS of New Jersey.

That is, the Commissioner of Nutley, NJ and one of four GOP candidates for the 2017 gubernatorial race.

He met the club at the Bergen County GOP Headquarters.  The TARS were glad to meet a candidate who went out of his way to reach out to millennials.  Rogers said, “It’s not for your vote; you can’t vote. But, it’s for your future.”

The TARS had the opportunity to be interviewed by Commissioner Rogers himself on a Facebook Live video, which can be seen by clicking here. They were asked about their concerns for New Jersey and what they hoped for in the campaign while speaking before a live audience. Since it was broadcast, the video has had over two thousand views.

One Bergen County TAR Member said, “We have all these people in office who have special interests behind them.  We need to get rid of that.  We need someone like Mr. Rogers that will be able to care about the millennials, because we are the future of this country.  If whoever is in that office cares about us we will be able to grow strong.  We are the future of America.  We could possibly one day be in his position and continue to help the generations that come after us.

Rogers then asked, “What do you think about the future and where you want to be?”

Michael Casey, the Club Chairman, was optimistic.  He answered, “I think our future is in a good direction so far.  We’ve got a Republican President: Donald Trump.  Of course Steve Rogers was a big part in getting him elected.  We’ve got a Republican House, Senate and governor majority.”

He continued, “We’ve got to make New Jersey great again.  I hope we have a governor who can work with Trump.  Our Assembly and Senate are Democrat-controlled, so I hope this election will fix a lot of the problems there.”

New Jersey is one of the only two states that have a gubernatorial election this year. The other is Virginia.

Kennith Gonzalez, the New Jersey State TAR Chairman, was hopeful for Commissioner Rogers.  He mentioned that, throughout the past campaign, Trump opened the eyes of the American people on a national level.  “I want someone here in New Jersey that is going to have the same leadership skills as Donald Trump and I hope that Mr. Rogers is the guy who can do that job.”

Steve Rogers also announced a plan to the TARS on his Facebook Live video that had not yet been shared to anyone.  He has discovered something that would “save the municipalities a lot of money.”  Rogers plans to build one of the largest animal sanctuaries in the country.  The animal sanctuary would be a non-taxpayer funded program and work with both non-profit and for-profit animal humane organizations. Because it is a program that would reach the hearts of many animal lovers, it would automatically “generate a lot of funds to build the sanctuary.”

Will Captain America be elected to make New Jersey great again? Steve Rogers is one of four Republicans running for governor.  There will also be legislative elections for the NJ General Assembly and Senate.  After such a successful 2016 race, Republicans across the country are motivated for the future.  That momentum must be maintained throughout the year, especially in a state primarily run by Democrats.

Written by Katie Parmelee.


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