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NJ TARS Attend Lincoln Day Luncheon

By: Michael Casey

Teen Age Republicans in New Jersey recently visited the Bergen County Republican Party’s annual Lincoln Day Luncheon. Lincoln Day is celebrated every year by Republicans from all across the country and Bergen County, New Jersey is no exception.

Over one hundred people attended the celebration, including several TARS. Among them was Bergen County TARS chairman Michael Casey, NJ TARS chairman Kenny Gonzalez, and NJ TARS Vice Chairman John Miller. Guest speakers at the event included former Saturday Night Live cast member and comedian Joe Piscopo, who brightened everyone’s day with a humorous song about New Jersey. Other speakers was Bergen GOP Chairman Paul DiGaetano, who is running for state senate this year, and businessman Joe Rullo, who is running for governor.

The most notable speaker came at the end, NJ Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno who is also running for governor. Many other state legislators and mayors were also in attendance. The TARS there were excited to meet and speak with so many officials. They were also very entertained by hilarious act Piscopo performed; at one point he sung a spoof of the popular New York, New York song but replaced it with New Jersey, New Jersey. It was a very enjoyable and educational experience for the TARS who attended and had a great time.

Michael is the Chairman of the Bergen County TARS. He and the other TARS in the photo are with the NJ Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno.