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The Necessary End of Obamacare

By: Juan Howard

Although Obamacare seems to be a sound institution, there lies a plenitude of inequities in its multilayered format.  Obamacare has effectively stifled the American health insurance market.   The harmful package works to both suffocate competitors as well as disillusioning consumers.  Americans are fined for not having healthcare even though they cannot afford it.

Across the private business sector, scathing disapproval of the controversial health care package runs rampant.  Businesses are having problems deducting healthcare costs from their taxes, and as a result are livid.

Conservatives and Democrats alike are grappling with the daunting medical beast that is Obamacare.  One side tries to replace it with a flurry of packages as the other side is merely looking to adjust certain assets of this program.  Politicians from both sides of the aisle are reaching for change, but Obamacare will not come without collateral damage.  The challenge is creating a health care package that will work with all American citizens regardless of socioeconomic standings. Although Obamacare covers millions of citizens throughout America, it serves as a stumbling block for a capitalist juggernaut.

Obamacare is a major impediment for capitalism.  It decimates the free market for health insurance by demonizing private businesses.  Premiums have sky rocketed over the months following the last Open Enrollment Day, January 31st.

According to political activist Warner Todd Huston, a Breitbart author, the Affordable Care Act is on its last leg.  He goes on to state, “Insurance premiums have risen time and again since the inception of Obamacare only a few short years ago, and those rises are set to continue pricing many policies hundreds of dollars a month past the claims of cheap healthcare plans Obama made when he was pushing the law.”

Huston’s analysis proves all too true for a multitude of Americans stuck paying crushing premiums.  Repealing and replacing the toxic act is the key to stabilizing the health industry for millions of Americans.  President Obama stated forty-three times that premiums would plummet, but rather they shot up.  Politicians who supported the act retort that private insurance agencies and their greed are to blame for the shortcomings.

Alienating private insurance agencies serves only to sour the unstable relationship between government-mandated healthcare and the private business sector.

However, there is a brighter future on the horizon for healthcare customers.  President Trump and prominent congressional Republicans are constantly working to craft a better version of the previously rushed ACA.  Ever since his rise to the top of the GOP, Donald Trump has promised to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Trump is inspiring countless numbers of working class Americans and business owners to dream for the future generations.

Trump and Speaker Ryan created the American Healthcare Act just a few weeks into the fledgling administration.  Unfortunately, the bill fell short of expectations when the Freedom Caucus worked against the bill.  With experience in hand, Trump is working now harder than ever to provide a worthy successor to Obamacare.

Americans have to play their part—starting at the local level—to pave the road to make America great again!


Juan Howard is the Chairman of the Riverside Parishes TARS in Louisiana.