Who are TARS?

Teen Age Republicans have a great opportunity to serve their community and country while learning about the political process.  As a TAR, you become aware of national and international issues and how current events impact your life.  With effective club programming, TARS grow into leaders and sway elections.  This can make a huge difference in how elected candidates enact laws that affect you!

National Teen Age Republicans is one of the three official auxiliaries of the Republican Party.  After graduating high school, you can move on to become a College Republican or a Young Republican (ages 18 – 40).  Many TARS run for local elections and get to network with influential leaders across the country.

TAR Clubs can be found in every state, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, as well as overseas.  Clubs serve the community while expressing core Republican values.  You can start a club with your high school, home school students, county, city or region.

Who is National TARS?

National Teen Age Republicans oversees the many clubs across the USA.  Our office is located in Northern Virginia, about 45 minutes away from Washington, D.C.  We distribute resources, organize the annual TAR Leadership Conference (TLC) and are here to answer any questions you may have regarding your TAR Club.