Club Activity Ideas

The key to success for keeping your TAR Club vibrant and active year-round is good club program planning. Although winning elections is a central goal of TAR Clubs, there are many other important reasons for having a club. In addition to political activities, programs include social, educational, and community service opportunities. These are the activities that help keep your TAR Club fun and help attract potential members.

One of the biggest mistakes a TAR Club can make is to let up after the campaign is over.  It is the quickest way to lose interest and members.

Participating and engaging in multiple kinds of programs and projects can be fun, educational and serve as a change of pace to round out your programming on non-election years.

Here are some ideas for your club!

Hold debate night parties and an election night party to celebrate the results and all your hard work!

Invite guest speakers, like veterans and members of your local GOP.

Sponsor community events on holidays like Memorial Day, Independence Day and Veterans’ Day.

Sponsor Anti-text-and-drive campaigns and anti-drug campaigns

Sponsor regular nursing home outreaches!

For more ideas, contact us and request resources!