Congratulations!  Your high school graduation is an exciting time that’s full of hope and infinite possibilities.

One of the greatest things about your senior year is the privilege to vote age 18.  Your involvement in TARS has helped you become aware of the issues.  Now it’s time to share your voice at the polls!  Make sure you pay attention to your state’s registration schedule, as well as Absentee Ballot time constraints if you plan to vote while away at college.

Staying Strong

While we’re sad that you can’t be a Teen Age Republican anymore, you have fantastic opportunities to continue your involvement with the Republican Party.

If you plan to attend college, contact the College Republicans to see how you can spread the red on campus. With overwhelming numbers of liberal professors and students, conservatives face a mountable feat when it comes to sharing their values. The key is to team up.  Conservative organizations on campus are great ways to network with like-minded students on campus.

If you opt to immediately start working, join the Young Republicans and contact your local GOP!  There are always opportunities to volunteer and serve your community.

Check out this video from PragerU!

For other great videos, check out their website:  They have lots of clips to share with your friends in high school and beyond.